This is a guide (in English) for Vandalic, the language used on Frudabuka. Included will be a dictionary. This will always be growing, so be on the look-out. This guide should also be translated into other languages to gain a wider audience.

Verbs: verb conjugation, with examples of verbs

Nouns and Adjectives: all about Vandalic nouns and adjectives!

Pronouns: all about pronouns

Orthography: the Gothic and Latin alphabets used for Vandalic, as well as pronunciation.

Dictionary: a dictionary of Vandalic (included is a list of words from Latin, Maltese, Berber, and Arabic!)

Sound changes: See the sound changes from P. Germanic to O. Vandalic, through Middle Vandalic, to modern.


Verbsโ€ขNouns and Adjectivesโ€ขPronounsโ€ขOrthographyโ€ขDictionaryโ€ขSound changes

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