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(vn) Fana Nigwestrius.
(en) Flag of France.
(fr) Drapeau de la France.
(de) Französische Flagge.
(goh) Fano Niuwestarrīhhes.

Feilans áiris

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nu19:18, 𐍆𐌰𐌽𐌹𐌼𐌴𐌽𐍉𐌸𐍃 3, 2014Thumbnail for version as of 19:18, 𐍆𐌰𐌽𐌹𐌼𐌴𐌽𐍉𐌸𐍃 3, 2014900 × 596 (3 KB)CrabKakeZ MD027 (wall | 𐌲𐌹𐌱𐍉𐍃)(vn) Fana Nigwestrius.<br>(en) Flag of France.<br>(fr) Drapeau de la France.<br>(de) Französische Flagge.<br>(goh) Fano Niuwestrōnlantes.


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